Rosie's Daughters was started by two good friends, Anne and Jena. We organize these monthly meetups in our spare time; let us know if you want to pitch in!


About Jena Fiamingo

Jena has spent the past ten years making a lot of people healthier, through business and relationship development in the biopharmaceutical industry (first in Boston and now in San Francisco).
She's climbed Machu Picchu and watched glaciers calve in Argentina and slurped bun ca on the streets of Vietnam. At home here in the Bay area, she spends her time cooking, scouting new restaurants, reading books, seeing live music and playing euchre. Jena loves hiking, cycling, camping, yoga and bluegrass. She is passionate about food, friends, early retirement, seeing the world and tending her garden, which is chock full of herbs, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard and shiso at the moment.  

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About Anne Diaz

Over the past decade, Anne's nontraditional career path has led her to a wide range of experiences, including founding a statewide nonprofit organization, opening a Jamaican restaurant in downtown Palo Alto, and consulting for the State of California. She currently works as a User Experience Researcher at a community-focused fashion tech company downtown, and is an adviser to an early stage health startup.

In her free time, Anne is obsessed with reading books she picks up from the library, tracking down the spiciest salsa in the city, and dancing to 90's hip hop. She's learning how to sing and attempting to find time to pick up her paintbrush. 

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Advisory Board

Lexi Hradisky, Social Media. 
Lexi is currently transitioning her recruiting and nonprofit experience into UX Research and Design. 


Silvia Mahan, Photographer and Videographer. 
Silvia is a producer at Truth Be Told Creative, where she helps make social impact films. 


Katie Skoog, Strategy.    
Katie has a wide range of experience in the nonprofit sector. She's currently the Executive Director of the Tiba Foundation.


Lisa Ferreras, Public Relations. 
Lisa has a diverse background in public relations and is currently working as a free-lance writer. 





Kathleen Fischer, Word-of-mouth champion.