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Our Speakers are Saying:

You created an open and supportive environment - I can't believe that everyone asked so many questions. Thank you for inviting me to participate. It was a truly wonderful evening. - Wendy MacNaughton

I left the Women's Building feeling so impressed with what you have created with Rosie's Daughters. You are exposing so many young, bright and enthusiastic women to social issues and current needs. There was clearly a desire among so many to give back and to try to do something positive for the community. - Martha Ryan

I had a blast! - Darya Rose

Thank you so much for what you're doing in our city and the depth of the community engagement you have created through your work. Rosie's Daughters is inspiring and definitely making a difference. - Katie Albright

I loved every moment of it. I was inspired and also humbled. - Dominique Crenn

My entire experience with you all has been a pleasure from start to finish. The whole night felt so seamless and easy...I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. - Elisa Donovan

Thank you for inviting me! What a fabulous group!! - Linda Avey

Great night. I loved it! - Fiona Ma


Everyone Else is Saying:

I am so happy to have found this group! Amazing women talking about real issues in an honest, open way.

Great informal atmosphere, very engaging speaker and audience. Love the women-centric focus.

Exceeded my expectations! Amazing turnout, spectacular food and inspirational speaker! Thank you!

The vibe! Everyone was extremely warm and comfortable.

A great collaborative space to meet with others, ask questions, share concerns, and feel like you can relate!

Tonight's conversation was AMAZING. I feel so compelled to go do something and help. Most days, I feel so drained after work and honestly, it's a bit of a drag to get myself to do something, but once I get to Rosie's Daughters, I always feel so inspired and rejuvenated. Everyone you guys have brought in is so different and inspiring in her own way.

Insightful and thought-provoking.

The energy. It was wonderful to be involved in a dialogue that encouraged people to follow their passions!

Dominique was professionally provocative and beautifully confident. Thank you for that exposure!

Wonderful, engaged group. Positive, enthusiastic and productive conversation that transcended many different subjects.

Real, unedited thoughts.

This was such a rare and special opportunity to get insight into Wendy's world - her creativity and path (professional and personal). It was a remarkable conversation.

The humor! This is sometimes a challenging conversation, so the laughs were helpful.

Great speaker - successful but relatable. The quality of the questions were great too - great people in the room - now I want to meet them all!

I really appreciated how interactive it was - it helped that Linda was so interesting, engaging, easy to listen to. Advice Linda gave, her candor. Holy cow - such smart women in the room!

Reminded of the importance of passion behind what you do. Open space to share ideas.

Insightful dialogue and questions tied to an interesting story that was fun to listen to and learn from lovely ladies.

Darya was excellent! So intelligent, real, authentic, and also friendly and humorous. Very informal discussion.

It was inspiring, uplifting, and such a warm welcome space to listen and learn.