If you've lived in San Francisco long enough, you've probably heard of both Katie Albright and Martha Ryan. Or maybe you haven't - the New York Times called Martha's organization 'the best kept secret in San Francisco.' Martha, recipient of a CNN Hero Award and UCSF Medal, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Homeless Prenatal Program. Katie, named by the League of Women Voters SF as a '2014 Woman Who Could Be President,' is the ED of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, named SF's favorite charity by 7x7 magazine. These two women have dedicated their careers to improving the lives and well-being of so many people in the Bay Area and we were fortunate enough to have them both join us in conversation. We got to hear the personal stories of these two incredible leaders and learn more about what's driven them in their careers, which have been focused primarily on public service. We were given some great insight into some of the biggest problems facing our city and what we, as individuals, can do to help solve these problems. Katie and Martha's passion and dedication left us feeling inspired to take action within our own communities. This conversation may have been the most important one we've had all year and we're so grateful that Katie and Martha volunteered their time to speak with us. Special thanks to Nicole Paizis of Kindred Table for providing the most delicious and beautiful food and to our friends at Framed Data for contributing to such a fantastic evening. See more pictures here on Facebook.

About Katie Albright

Katie Albright is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, a community-based non-profit organization seeking to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact. Ms. Albright joined the Prevention Center, named SF's favorite charity by 7x7, from the San Francisco Education Fund, where she served as Policy Director leading a public engagement campaign to improve teacher quality and increase student retention. Prior to the Ed Fund, Ms. Albright served as Co-Director of Policy & Outreach at Preschool California, a broad-based, statewide, multi-year advocacy campaign to achieve voluntary preschool for all of California’s three- and four-year olds. Ms. Albright was recently honored by the League of Women Voters San Francisco as a '2014 Woman Who Could Be President.'

About Martha Ryan

Martha Ryan’s journey to creating the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) began in the early ‘80s.  After a 10-year stint as an ICU nurse at San Francisco General Hospital, Ryan returned to Africa, where she had been a teacher for the Peace Corps years before.  In Somalia and the Sudan, Ryan worked in refugee camps where she created a Community Health Outreach Program, a program she would later replicate at HPP. Upon returning to the U.S., Ryan volunteered at St Anthony’s Medical Clinic in San Francisco before pursuing a Master’s of Public Health at UC Berkeley. Focusing on maternal and child health, Ryan continued her volunteer work by providing prenatal care for women at Hamilton Family Shelter while in school. The women Ryan met through this work led her to found HPP in November 1989 to provide prenatal care to at-risk pregnant women. She has received numerous honors for her work including a CNN Hero Award and a UCSF Medal.

About our sponsor

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