Dominique Crenn is the chef and owner at Atelier Crenn and the only woman in the United States to receive two Michelin stars. Our conversation with her about ambition was energetic and impassioned! Dominique told us that 'anything you do in life, you have to have a vision.' It is apparent how her focus and confidence in what she's doing has driven her success. It was such a fun evening and we're so grateful to Dominique for volunteering her time and to our friends at Framed Data for sponsoring the delicious food from Bi Rite.

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About Dominique

Dominique Crenn is a world-famous chef, now the Chef/Owner at Atelier Crenn. She made history as the first female head chef in Indonesia, was named Chef of the Year by Esquire Magazine in 2008, competed on the Food Network’s Next Iron Chef (and won!), and is the only female chef in the United States to receive two Michelin stars. She also has a great TED Talk about defining success in a male-dominated field. To learn more about Dominique, check out this great interview with her: 

About our sponsor

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